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Nourish Me ABC - Preparing delicious family meals

Women's and Family Nutrition, Health & Wellness Coach

“Our food should be our medicine &
our medicine should be our food”
How I help...
Nourish Me ABC's Shanelle Curtis meditating in her backyard

It's time to put your health and wellbeing back in the front seat and prioritise you.

Receive a personalised support plan focusing on nutritional support with delicious, healthy meals, reducing stress, improving sleep and energy and increasing overall vitality with low-tox living.

Family nutrition and meal planning

Put the focus back on family with support tailored to achieve your family's goals.

Habits and strategies for a calmer, healthier and more manageable household with stronger connections. Includes support with routines and delicious meals supporting fussy eaters and children with specific diagnoses.

Preparing healthy family meals
What people are saying...

"Shanelle immediately made me feel comfortable and excited about the lifestyle changes ahead. 

Having chosen food to concentrate on, with only a few changes I could feel the benefit physically and mentally within a few days and some parts have been embraced by my family which is fabulous."


Do you desire to find ways to truly nourish yourself and your family?

Is your wish for you and your family to live a long, healthy and abundant life free from sickness and disease?

Get my FREE ebook for busy mums

Five ways to boost
your mornings
Five ways to boost your mornings
Not sure where to start?

Book a FREE 45-minute session designed for you to figure out what's really important to you right now for the health and wellbeing of YOU and/or YOUR FAMILY.

This session will get you excited about making small, sustainable steps and then building momentum to bigger changes for a happier, healthier future.

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