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I am a certified Nutrition, Health and Wellness Coach, certified Women’s Health and Wellness Coach and hold a Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education and a Bachelor of Education in Special Needs.


By bringing these together, along with my own lived experience of survival through two breast cancer diagnoses and autoimmune, I will guide and walk beside you in making sustainable health changes for yourself or your teen. 


Women's gut health 

Cancer and autoimmune

Hormone rebalance

Teen girl health

Healthy habits formation

Nourish Me ABC
My Story

My passion for healthy living was born from my own childhood growing up on a farm. Our family home was always full of the aroma of delicious home-cooked meals made by my beautiful mum. We regularly sat around the dinner table to enjoy wholesome, nourishing food as a whole family.  

If I was not in the kitchen cooking with my mum, I was out in nature exploring and having fun with my dad and brothers.   

In comparison to the life many families lead today, life was calm, simple and good for the soul.  

Somehow life just gets busy...

Somewhere between my childhood and my early 30's, I lost the importance of looking after myself.  Boarding school, Uni, working as a school teacher, travelling, marriage and children meant little time to focus on my own health and wellbeing. I constantly felt the need to look after others and consistently ignored my need for rest and time for myself. Juggling work, family life and a busy social life, I was often left feeling exhausted and depleted all whilst looking on the outside like I was totally nailing life! 

Years later, many serious health issues such as hyperthyroidism, breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune issues forced me to focus on a path of health and wellness, prioritising both my physical and emotional health.  I re-learnt the importance of SELF and went back to my roots.  

Nourish Me ABC
Nourish Me ABC
Nourish Me ABC
Nourish Me ABC
My passion turned to focus...

After my own serious health challenges, I became super passionate about my own health and that of our whole family. Looking after myself, my husband and children has become my highest priority; learning to say no to things that no longer serve us and to focus on what matters most in our lives.  


Working as a teacher in Early Childhood and Special Needs for 23 years, I saw first-hand the effects that poor nutrition, lack of sleep, no routine at home and overscheduling had on children's development, learning, behaviour and general wellbeing. The long-lasting impacts on both home and school life for the child, the parents and the entire family is very real.  The struggles with their children putting a serious strain on parental relationships and often leading to a decline in both parent’s health.


A feeling of being on a never-ending treadmill of life, of which they can’t escape, is common.

Now, as a passionate Certified Health and Wellness and Women's Health Coach, I can clearly see a healthier path for families. Firstly, to focus on mum's wellbeing, and then re-framing family habits around nutrition, sleep, play, getting out in nature and family connection, all leading to optimal health and nourishment for you and your family.  

Nourish Me ABC
Nourish Me ABC
Family connection is key...

Building and maintaining a connection with our children as they grow has always been important to me.  As a mother to three girls, I know the impact that my own, my husband's relationship with them and the relationships they have with each other will have long-lasting effects on their lives.   


Family connection was my survival when I was going through my serious health challenges.  In our busy, modern day lives, we can lose sight of the simple most important moments for ourselves and our children. Enjoying a family meal together, chatting at the kitchen bench, preparing a meal together on a Friday night or getting out in nature as a family all builds this life- long family connection. A shift back to what was important to our parents and grandparents when we were growing up.

Shanelle Curtis journalling
Drink lemon water for detoxifying the liver
Shanelle Curtis gardening
And let's not forget about ourselves...

Contrary to what societal norms and our own busy lives have led us to believe, as a mum, it is possible to achieve a balance between nurturing our children and nurturing ourselves.


A calm, happy and productive household can allow us to have both, firstly taking care of yourself and then in turn allowing you to care for those closest to you, all whilst being the role model you want to be for your family. 

Let’s get back to basics, take out the complicated and overwhelming information we are constantly bombarded with, and relearn the simplicity of healthy living. Together we can rewrite the next chapter of yours and that of your family’s life towards a healthier and happier way of living.

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