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Nourish Me Women

Support tailored to fit your UNIQUE self.

Receive unrivaled and personalised support with...

  • Creating HEALTHY HABITS – letting go of old habits and reforming new ones to allow for a healthier, happier you.

  • Supporting GUT HEALTH and nutritional support related to improving and maintaining a healthy GUT MICROBIOME. Ways to nourish yourself from the inside, out. 

  • SHOPPING, PREPARING and COOKING for health, nourishment and enjoyment of food. 

  • The GUT-BRAIN CONNECTION and how this impacts all areas of our emotional and physical health. 

  • Managing STRESS and Cortisol levels. Guidance with bringing your nervous system back into balance. 

  • SLEEP and its effect on your hormones and health.

  • HORMONE support from puberty through to menopause.

  • ROUTINES and how these can help support your sustainable change. 

  • Reclaiming your PHYSICAL HEALTH through movement that fits with your interests and lifestyle. 

  • LOW-TOX living to support your hormones and help your system to detoxify.

  • Holistic EMOTIONAL health strategies. 

  • Guidance with SPECIFIC health challenges.

  • Health for long-term and longevity

Upon completion of the package, you will have gained life-changing knowledge about YOUR health, and you will walk away with a personalised ‘NOURISH ME WOMEN’ plan to support and sustain your exciting new health journey.
How it works...


Book a call

In a FREE 45-minute Zoom or in-person session I help you figure out what's really important to you right now for your health and wellbeing.


Buy a package

I will tailor the perfect package to suit your needs and help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

In-person or Zoom sessions with an option for home support, pantry overhaul and cooking session.


Reach your goals

Receive life-changing knowledge and insight into your health.

Create and implement transformative new habits and routines with me supporting you every step of the way ensuring your success.

Are you ready?

Book your FREE 45-minute session now

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