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Pantry Makeover


What is a pantry makeover?

Duration 90 minutes


  • I  take your family's favourites and tweak them to help you add diversity and an abundance of  nutrients to your meals and snacks.

  • I take you through your pantry, fridge and freezer, looking at where you can cut down on additives, colours, added sugars, salts and highly processed oils.

  • I will give you alternatives and show you how to add them slowly to ensure your family does not refuse your food and complain there is nothing to eat! 

  • I help you to understand your style of shopping and cooking , and assist you to set up a structure that works for your individual needs. 

  • I give you a repertoire of new recipes to try that fit with your and/or your families taste. 

  • I follow up with a full report and tons of resources to ensure you have the information you have learnt for life.

To CHANGE your eating habits, you HAVE to change your ENVIROMENT

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