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Nourish Me Teen

Support tailored to suit the individual needs of your teen girl. 

Receive the support you need for your teen including...

  • Support for YOURSELF to guide changes for your teen.

  • HABITS and how these affect your health and that of your teenager.  Small, sustainable step by step changes, leading to a healthy balance. 

  • GUT HEALTH and how the GUT MICROBIOME can impact all aspects of health for your teenager. 

  • Learning the fundamentals to support your teens GUT through good nutrition. Support to add in healthy options to nourish the gut.

  • Looking at other aspects of wellness that affect your teenagers gut health and overall well-being. 

  • Guidance with SHOPPING, PREPARING and COOKING for health and nourishment for your teen. 

  • Options to do a PANTRY/FRIDGE overhaul or COOKING SESSION.

  • Support with hormone related issues for your teen. 

Upon completion of the sessions,  you will have gained life-changing knowledge about your teens health, and you will walk away with a personalised ‘NOURISH ME TEEN’ plan to support and sustain their health and wellness journey.
How it works...


Book a call

In a FREE 20 minute on-line or phone session to figure out what's really important for your teenager right now in regards to  their health and well-being.


Book a one-off session or purchase a package

I will tailor the perfect package to suit your teenagers needs and support them in sustaining their health and well-being goals.

In-person or on-line sessions available


Reach your goals

Receive support with your new plan as your teen works towards increasing their overall health and well-being.  

Are you ready?

Book your FREE 45-minute session now

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