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Nourish Me Family

Support tailored to suit the individual needs of yourself and your family.

Receive the support you need for your family including...

  • Support for YOURSELF to guide changes for you and your family.

  • HABITS and how these affect your health and that of your entire family. Small, sustainable step by step changes, leading to a healthy family life.

  • GUT HEALTH and how our GUT MICROBIOME can impact all aspects of health for you and your family. 

  • Learning the fundamentals to support your family’s GUT through good nutrition. Support to crowd out the less healthful options and learning new ways to nourish your family from the inside out.

  • SHOPPING, PREPARING and COOKING for health and nourishment. 

  • Options to do a PANTRY/FRIDGE overhaul or COOKING SESSION.

  • Support with FAMILY MEALTIMES and fussy eaters.

  • ROUTINES and how these impact children’s compliance and behaviour both at home and at school.


  • FAMILY CONNECTION – Building strong relationships with your children and building family rituals to allow time for this connection. 

  • Supporting children with SPECIFIC DIAGNOSIS.

  • Changes to your ENVIRONMENT to support low toxic load for your family, reducing allergies, skin conditions and other health concerns. 

  • Working through SLEEP issues and learning about how sleep affects the growing brain.

  • Incorporating PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and CREATIVE DOWNTIME for children.

Upon completion of the package, you will have gained life-changing knowledge about YOUR health, and you will walk away with a personalised ‘NOURISH ME WOMEN’ plan to support and sustain your exciting new health journey.
How it works...


Book a call

In a FREE 45-minute Zoom or in-person session you'll figure out what's really important to you right now for your health and wellbeing.


Buy a package

I will tailor the perfect package to suit your family's needs and help you achieve your health and well-being goals.

In-person or Zoom sessions with an option for home support, pantry overhaul and cooking session.


Reach your goals

Receive support from me as you make transformational 

health & lifestyle habit changes.

Implement easy routines & rituals, filling your home and family's bellies with delicious & nutritious home-cooked meals.

Are you ready?

Book your FREE 45-minute session now

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